Fruity Prosecco Cubes

Boy, is it ever hot!! 108 today, and the temperature seems to be rising. I say, the only way to survive summer is with a few ice cold cocktails! Prosecco is probably my favorite (well, it comes in pretty darn close with a crisp glass of sauvignon blanc), but the only down fall with white […]

How To Pick Out The Perfect Watermelon

I’ve always struggled with finding the perfect watermelon. It seems as though half the time I purchase a watermelon it is disappointing. It’s usually not sweet enough, but I’ve also had issues where the flesh is mushy or the texture is just plain weird. The struggle is REAL! Never buy a lame watermelon again with these 5 tips […]

29 Ways To Save A Ton Of Money On Groceries

Everyone likes to save money, but perhaps not to the point of extreme couponing, which I happen to think is obnoxious, and honestly is a full time job, so how much money are you really saving!? Good news. There’s no extreme couponing here, just a few simple tips and tricks that will save you up […]

24 Cheap & Easy Meals You Can Make With Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie chicken is not only convenient and cheap, it is the BEST tasting chicken! I don’t know how the grocery stores can sell them at such little cost (I think they lose money but then profit off of your other purchases?), but it sure beats preparing your own for double the cost, and then ten times the […]

40 of the BEST Restaurant Copycat Recipes

My family goes out to eat at least twice a week (sometimes 5 or 6). We enjoy cooking meals at home, but going out does have it’s benefits — no cleanup, ease, and everyone can order what they want. Although, I’ve decided I would like to make dinner more of a family activity, where everyone get’s […]

35 Starbucks Drinks You Didn’t Know You Could Order

I have a guilty confession to make: I visit Starbucks more often than the grocery store. I’m not sure what it is about fresh brewed coffee made in so many delicious ways, but they’ve got me hooked! I’ve been a little better lately with my “skinny cappuccino”, but can’t resist a caramel ribbon frappuccino every […]

The 15 Best Easter Treats Of All Time

If you’re anything like me, you love the holidays just for the food! I’ve definitely got a sweet tooth, but I also just like to make food into a fun activity with the kids. It’s important to get them in the kitchen and excited about baking, cooking and preparing food from home. I especially like […]

31 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

My freezer has been under appreciated for so long! I absolutely hate throwing out food, but had no idea you could freeze all of these things. Leftovers don’t belong in the trash — put them in your freezer! Things like mashed potatoes, pasta (because we always make too much of that), cheese, and pancakes! One […]